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In category - Hybrid Solar Date - 02.10.2017

The Federal Government have stated that they feel the best way forward is to disregard the latest Finkel Energy Review and end the Clean Energy Target in 2020. Instead it has been presented that the new way forward, will be the National Energy Guarantee, that was announced. Although information in regards to the NEG have been rather vague.

What will happen now?

For now? Very little.

The full announcement with all plans laid our will come in time.
Releasing the idea is one thing but selling it to the public, navigating the policy through parliament and rolling it out can take years.
So for now, we wait...

What we will see are more projects and installs as we get closer to 2020. Solec Industries will stick around for all of the assistance to make residential and commercial jobs run as smooth as possible and ensure our clean energy target is reached.

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